Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

Religious Education Program


Family Catechesis Program


Here at Sacred Heart, religious education is conducted through the Family Catechesis Program for children and their parents. The Catholic Catechism (CCC 2223 and 2226) instructs us that parents have the first responsibility for the education and faith formation of their children. Our mission is to help families grow in holiness and Truth in order to live out our Baptismal promises and strengthen our virtues of faith, hope, and charity. In doing so, our family-based program will also strengthen our parish community as we worship together at Mass and bear witness to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will provide all relevant catechesis materials and be available to support all efforts in your family’s faith formation.

Mandatory Kick-off Meeting All catechesis program materials will be provided to families at our kick-off gathering in the Charleston Catholic School hall. The date will be announced each July/August, before the start of school. This meeting is mandatory if you plan to enroll in Sacred Heart’s catechesis program.

Program Structure Parents will be given the resources for guidance and instruction of their child(ren) at home with further support provided through monthly meetings to be held on the first Wednesday of each month. Children will also attend the monthly meetings with their parents. If your child is planning to receive a sacrament of initiation (First Confession, First Holy Communion, and/or Confirmation), the Diocese of Charleston requires two years of structured faith formation. The catechesis program will also foster sacramental preparation in a family setting. Sandy Funk, a parishioner and member of the Marian Catechesis Institute, will coordinate our program.  Registration forms are available after Mass the last weekend of July and first weekend of August. Please stop by the registration table in the entryway as you depart Mass. Or, please email Sandy Funk at the email below, for a registration form. Please call her at 843.469.3377 if you have questions. She’s happy to further explain the program details.

Program Cost - $50 for 1 set of materials per grade per household.

Please contact Sandy Funk, Religious Education Director, at [email protected] or 843.469.3377.